Rotterdam: A Guide to An Unforgettable City

Rotterdam: Cube houses, street art and pilgrims oh my! I fell in love with Rotterdam the very first time I went there when I was a teenager. It is unlike any other city I have ever been to anywhere. Unfortunately for them, it was heavily bombed during World War II so they had to basicallyContinue reading “Rotterdam: A Guide to An Unforgettable City”

59 Rivoli – A unique former squat:

Are you looking for a unique, artistic experience close to the heart of Paris, then 59 Rivoli is the place to go. While this is not “street art”, walking up and down the spiral staircase you feel like you are in a street art tunnel or street filled with tenured artists. Getting to 59 Rivoli:Continue reading “59 Rivoli – A unique former squat:”

Paris Street Art in Stunning La Butte-aux-Cailles:

When I started planning my trip to Paris, all roads lead to the hilltop village of Butte-aux-Cailles (English translation; Quails Hill). I was looking for a place that I could go in Paris that exhibited local Parisian / French street art and it does not get any more local than the pieces I came acrossContinue reading “Paris Street Art in Stunning La Butte-aux-Cailles:”

10 Best Things to Do in NYC Plus Places to Eat:

These are in no particular order but some of the my favorite things to do in NYC: Walk, run, take a scooter, hop on a horse and carriage, do whatever you have to do but get thee to Central Park: It’s a great place to work out and chill. Plus, depending on the time ofContinue reading “10 Best Things to Do in NYC Plus Places to Eat:”

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