15 Incredible Reasons You Must Visit Gouda Now

Did you know Gouda cheese is from a town in the Netherlands called Gouda? Are you looking for a day trip around the Netherlands? Do you like cheese? Then Gouda is the place for you.

As I was planning my trip to the Netherlands, I realized this and what a cute little town this was so I knew I had to head here. Follow me on my journey and you will want to go here as well.

Getting to Gouda:

This is a easy side trip from Amsterdam. By train, it is less than an hour and there are several that go there an hour. From the Hague, it takes less than 20 minutes by train. The trains are clean and it is so easy to navigate their system.

By train, there are several trains that run each hour between Amsterdam and Gouda which takes less than an hour. From the Hague, it is less than a 20-minute train ride (approx 2 / hour). Once you step out of the train station, it is about a 5-minute walk into the heart of the historic area.

What to See in Gouda:

Gouds Kaashuis

Once in the Markt square, go to Gouds Kaashuis (located on the right hand side in the main square, Hoogstraat1) where they provide samples of Gouda cheese. There are dozens to choose from here. If you want to, you can purchase some and take some home it with you. They have it sealed, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated immediately. If you need more once you get home, they will ship it to you. For more information, you can check out their webpage.

Address: Hoogstraat 1

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm

Some of the amazing cheeses you can taste at Gouds Kaashuis.
Some of the amazing cheeses you can taste at Gouds Kaashuis.

Since you are here, you might as well wander around this lovely little town. 

City Hall (Het Stadhuis van Gouda)

Located smack dab in the middle of Markt square, you can’t miss this beauty. It has red shutters on the side and is one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the Netherlands.

Address: Market 1

Gouda's Het Stadhuis van Gouda with the Goudse Waag in the background.
Gouda’s Het Stadhuis van Gouda with the Goudse Waag in the background.

VTML Tip: Make sure you check out the puppet show on the right-hand side. It occurs 2 minutes after the top and half hour.

The puppet show on the side of the Het Stadhuis van Gouda.
The puppet show on the side of the Het Stadhuis van Gouda.

Goudse Waag

Originally used for weighing various products, including cheese. It now houses the Cheese and Crafts Museum.

Address: Markt 35

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

Inside Goudse Waag.
Inside Goudse Waag.

Should you be here during the summer, you can check out the traditional cheese market that the city hosts. It would be fun to see cheese bought and sold the old-fashioned way in the Markt square.

Red Lion Windmill (Molen De Roode Leeuw)

See a working windmill in action as it grinds flour.

Address: Vest 65

Hours: Thursday 9am – 2pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm

St John (Sint-Janskerk)

The longest church in the Netherlands with 72 stained-glass windows. You can’t miss this imposing church as you stand in Markt square. Once you get there, look around at how close together the houses are to each other. It is mind boggling!

Address: Achter de Kerk 16

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Cost: 8.50 euros adults


A beautiful street to walk down that is filled with historic Dutch buildings.

A couple of the beautiful houses that can be found as you wander along
Naaierstraat in Gouda.


Gouda has many cute little alleyways all over. This one is special because it is the narrowest of them all. This is a remnant of the old street plan from the 19th century when the leather tanners lived here.

Walk along the canal

There are beautiful houses, churches and views along here. It is also an extremely relaxing walk.

VTML Tip: Hoge (high) Gouwe and Lage (low) Gouwe are on the same canal. They are just located on different sides of it.

Lock Keeper’s House (Sluiswachtershuisje)

The lock keeper's house in Gouda.
The lock keeper’s house in Gouda.

Check out the lock keeper’s house on the canal. It has a pillory which is a fun place to take silly photos.

The pillory next to the lock keeper's house
And here I thought I was being good but some how I still ended up in the pillory. sniff sniff

Address: Hoge Gouwe 137

Old Catholic Church (Parochie Van de H. Johannes De Doper)

As you walk along the canal, you might miss this one if you aren’t looking for it. This unassuming Catholic church is hidden behind three houses. Of course my favorite part is that there is a bicycle in front of it. Try and find a church in the Netherlands without at least one. Good luck!

Address: Hoge Gouwe 107

The  Old Catholic Church in Gouda
The Old Catholic Church

Banana Warehouse (Bananenpakhuis)

One of the beautiful houses on the canal house. It was built in the 1881 and was converted into a banana warehouse in 1928 by the West Indies Banana trade. Check out the bananas above the front door. 

Address: Lage Gouwe 140


My personal favorite church in Gouda and in the Netherlands. This is not far from Markt Square.

Parochie Van de H. Johannes De Doper and its beautiful tower.
Gouwekerk and its beautiful tower.

Address: Hoge Gouwe 39

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm

Places to Eat in Gouda:

If you are looking for something beyond cheese to eat, here are some other places I can recommend:

Bagels & Beans

While we didn’t eat at this location, we did eat at several other ones, so I do recommend it. They have a gluten free bagel that is prepackaged. When you place your order, they take it out and make it for you. If you don’t eat gluten free, fear not, most of their items contain gluten.

Address: Agnietenstraat 2

Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 5:30pm

David’s Gelato

Don’t let the address fool you, this is located in the market square area.

Address: Lange Tiendeweg 23

Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 10am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 10am – 10pm, Sunday 12pm – 9pm


Even though it was a bit damp outside and chilly, one of the big draws if this restaurant is the view of the historic market square. We had a snack here. My husband got a caser salad and a beer, and I got chocolate mousse.

Address: Markt 34

Hours: Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday 10am – 12a, Friday & Saturday 10am – 1am, Sunday 12pm – 11pm

Zalm located in Markt in Gouda.
Zalm located in Markt in Gouda.

And the market square had many cute little restaurants like this one. So, if they don’t have something you are interested in eating, check out the other ones.

Kamphuisen Siroopwaffels

The other thing that Gouda is known for is siroopwaffels. Go to Kamphuisen Siroopwaffels. Book a tour to see how they make these syrup waffles that they have been making here since 1810. At the end, you get to eat one. 

Address: Markt 69

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

So, whether you are coming to eat cheese, siroopwaffels or wander around this beautiful little city, Gouda is a great day trip from Amsterdam or any of the other cities in the Netherlands.

For other day trip ideas in the Netherlands, check out my blog to Rotterdam.

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I hope you enjoyed the short View Thru My Lenz.

Nina Zee

© 2020 Nina Zee

22 thoughts on “15 Incredible Reasons You Must Visit Gouda Now

  1. Gouds Kaashuis Is reason enough to go, but the city is beautiful. Small enough for a side trip, but wandering the streets you get lost in the architecture and sights, you can wander an afternoon away.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It is really an amazing place to wander. Above all, the canal, the canal was the best place to explore because of the amazing views and it was so relaxing.

  2. ‘Nice one Nina!
    Holland is such a lovely country and a city that is named after it’s cheese or perhaps it’s the other way around, is a city after my own heart.

    Yum. Gouda.
    What not to like? 😀

  3. Anywhere with canals and canalside houses is fine with me. Gouda is probably my least favourite cheese but I’m sure tasting it freshly made like this would improve the flavour 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for the tour, and your visit, Nina.

    1. The canal there is absolutely amazing and the houses and churches along are as well! The good thing about Gouds Kaashuis is you get to sample the cheeses for free so you can find something you like. While they have the traditional gouda, the flavored ones have a different texture and of course flavor to them so there is a chance you might find something you enjoy. Thank you so much for your feedback! Have a great day!!!!

  4. I loved sailing in the Netherlands but weather kept me away from Gouda. How I would have loved to have added some of that beautiful cheese to our stores! I see that they ship to the US for a reasonable price (free for purchases over EUR 100) so I will have to order some when I am back Stateside. But you’ve given me so many other reasons to visit Gouda that can’t just be packaged and shipped. I am glad to have savored them here as it will be a few years before I find myself back in this region.

    1. Yeah, but it looks like you had a great time sailing! That would be amazing to have it in your store! They have some of the most interesting flavors too like black lemon, mushroom, various different ones with peppers, heineken, hemp, pesto, truffle, just to name a few.
      Thank you so much for commenting! 😃

  5. Travelling in Europe can be so much fun! We loved Amsterdam (2010), but couldn’t do any of the other day trips. 🙁 Your pictures take me to such a different place and I truly enjoy this virtual travel. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The Netherlands have so many wonderful small little towns / cities to explore like Gouda. I am so glad you enjoyed it! 😃

  6. Oh, we went to various small towns of the Netherlands two years back, and Gouda was one of them. We just loved those small, little, toy towns. People were super friendly, and walking through the towns was a pleasure.

    1. Gouda is a really special place. Even though it is small, there is plenty to do for an afternoon. You are so right about the people being so nice and welcoming. That is the Dutch people I’m general. Where else did you go?

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